Tote campaign (Links, Q and A, information)

Hailey & Irelynn: How do businesses implement tote bags?
Businesses put tote bags into effect by advertising them. Though they still use plastic bags, tote bags are on display.
Examples: Fresh Market had a competition for best design to put on their tote bags.

Irelynn: Information gathered from talking to employee at Trader Joe's:
The employee talked about how they send out or give flyers that explain how plastic bags are not healthy for the environment,
and that it was better for people to just bring tote bags to reuse each time they shop.

Hailey & Irelynn: Are there any city ordinances banning plastic bags?
There is a plastic checkout ban in the Outer Banks for Hyde, Currituck and Dare counties (since October 2010).
To find out about other plastic bag bans and fees, go to: Surfrider

Gwenyth O'Connor and Destinee Jackson: Who is the City Council Member in Cary, North Carolina?
Our City Council Member is Don Frantz. If you want to learn more about Mr. Frantz, please click the link:Cary City Council Member: Don Frantz

Irelynn & Hailey: Who can we talk to to find out more information?
Store managers or owners of stores that use tote bags, such as Trader Joe's, Aldi,Lowes Foods, Fresh Market, Harris Teeter, and Kroger.

Irelynn & Faisal: More about tote campaigns going on: Tote Campaign

Evan: How do tote bags effect the environment?
  • Each reusable bag has an estimated lifespan of 700 plastic bags
  • Plastic bags can take 15-1,000 years to decompose
  • An estimated 100,000 small animals die of ingesting/being stuck in plastic bags
  • Only about 2% of plastic bags are actually recycled in the US
  • US uses about 100 billion bags per year
  • An average person uses 350-600 bags
  • If one person stopped using plastic bags it would save 22,000 bags from the environment