Cafeteria Material Reduction Proposal (Links, Q and A, information)

Current Material waste
styrofoam trays, juice and milk boxes, plastic utensils, uneaten food

Reusable Trays, Utensils

REUSABLE TRAYS: Joliann, Fidel, Charis
-Rectangular tray w/ 6 compartments
-"virtually unbreakable"
-Safe for -40 to 212 degree F temperatures
-FDA approved polypropylene
PRICE: $3.03 each

DISHWASHERS LINK: Joliann, Fidel, Charis
Small Dishwasher- only 2 feet tall

IDEAS THAT CAN HELP: Joliann, Fidel, Charis
-instead of offering juice/ milk boxes, ask the students to bring their own reusable water bottles to school. If they want juice/water have a dispenser, if they don't then no cardboard or plastic cartons are wasted.
- track how much food gets consumed each day for a month and reduce the amount of food to the data we collected so we won't waste as much food/ fresh fruit as said below.
-Since the principle and the lunch ladies don't like the idea of using metal trays, we could use hard plastic tray that can easily be washed, even if we need dishwashers/extra people to help clean up, it's still better than wasting a few hundred Styrofoam trays each day that are bad for the environment.
- If utensils are a bit of a problem then the cafeteria should have more finger foods on a daily basis. For example, instead of using those strawberry things in the plastic containers put out apples, pears, oranges, plums etc. EVERY DAY. It's a healthier option for the kids and it reduces waste. For vegetables they could use corn, cucumbers, carrots etc.
Notes from our interview with the cafeteria workers
-5% of the food on the lunch line is left uneaten
-Both Mrs. Davis and the cafeteria workers agree that metal trays wouldn't be the best option. They'd waste a good amount of water in the dishwashing process, as well as taking up more manpower and drawing away time from washing other important utensils.
-Currently, they have a three sectioned sink, each section serving a different purpose in the process (soap, rinse, sanitize).
-Cafeteria workers seemed a bit annoyed at the fact that most students didn't eat the fresh fruit (Although personally, most of the fruit seems unripe or overripe)
-Every time their storage room full of used trays gets full, they load them onto a 'recycling' truck. However, none of the people we talked to knew the full process of what this company did, where they recycled it, and how.
-They were unable to discern which company they used, most likely for legal matters
Molly, Anna, Rafay, and Sam