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Q: How long does it take for a plastic water bottle to decompose?
A: It takes 450 years at least and up 1000 years at most.

Q: Who would we talk to to make a school policy
A: We would talk to the administrators or the school board

Q: what is the overall environmental impact of plastic bottles?
A: Nearly 18,834,000,000 plastic bottles end up in landfills each year with each one taking 700 years to decompose. Plus, the poison chemicles released from the bottle kill thousands of animals a year, and can cause different diseases in humans including cancer.

Q: what is the major source of Raleigh, NCs tap water?
A: Water is sourced from falls lake reservoir and is treated in Johnson water treatment plant.

Q: why would a permanent water bottle such as a metal one be a good alternative to the plastic water bottles?
A: Plastic water bottles are a "one use object" and have massive human and environmental impacts. The advantage of a metal water bottle is you would never need to throw it away, and it can be used for years upon years. Some people might say that the water quality from plastic bottles is better than tap water, but studies show that the quality is nearly exactly the same.

Q: Is bottled water really of higher quality than tap water?
A: In reality, neither is truly superior to the other. Both are tested for pathogens and diseases, but tap is tested several times per day, and bottled is only tested a handful of times a week. Also, tap is tested by the EPA, with results regularly published, while bottled is tested by the FDA, which rarely publishes results.

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