Food reduction in the cafeteria (Links, Q and A, information)

Where do you get the compost items?
Would you be interested in using materials from the cafeteria?
What plants are you growing?
Would you allow our class help with the garden?
What food items can we compost? Some examples are: bread, fruit and veggies, pizza crust, napkins, paper muffin cups, and paper towel rolls.

Food waste and collection
How will the students know what to compost? Teachers can educate them, maybe in science or social studies class.

Waste reduction questions By Lyssa, Lisa and Patrick

1) What type of food waste are we throwing away?
food and plastic wrappers
2) How would we organize them?
We could have separate bins in the cafeteria for trash, recycling, and compost.
3) How much space do we have?

4) Where would we get the resources?
From a donation or school fundraiser.

5) How much would we actually be able to change to the disposal system?
we would only be able to change how we dispose of food.
6) What do you do with the styrofoam plates after students use them?
wash and reuse them or send them to a recycling company.
7) Why do you only make us recycle the plastic juice bottles when we can recycle everything else but the leftover food?
because in the end it doesn't matter because they all go in the trash
8)How much money goes into the care of our garden?
9) Where do we send our trash?
take to a dumpster on school campus than taken to a dump.
10) What is our budget?

Club Information And Ideas
After our interview with Mrs. Davis, she informed us about a new policy that was in the process of being released. The idea was that students could fill out a detailed form about any club that they would be interesting in forming. This form would include details about sponsors, what teacher would be the head of the class, meeting times, club activities, and many other things. After submitting it, the school and administration would review and discuss the details of it. If they approve the club, you would be in charge of advertising for members and support.

In addition to this, while asking about funding, we were informed that you can't do more than one fundraiser a year at school. However, they did mention that we could consider donations from different organizations, as well as money supplied by the club itself (Members could try and donate money as well).
Anna, Rafay, Molly, and Sam