Primary Source
What led to Europe's Age of Exploration? -Griffin
Why Christopher Columbus wanted to explore -RyanR
A letter to the Spanish rulers from Christopher Columbus about why he wanted to explore.
A map from Christopher Columbus-Alex C.
Christopher Columbus Reports On His First Voyage, 1493-
Christopher Columbus's journal-MadisonC
the journal of Christopher Columbus-Isabel

Secondary Source
Europeans Explore the World -MollyC
Why the Europeans decided to explore.
Why Did Europeans Explore America?-MadisonC
-RyanR Why explore? -Griffin
Biography of Christopher Columbus-Alex C.
reasons for exploring
Events of the Renaissance that led to the Age of Exploration -Logan F.
The Renaissance and the Age of Exploration - Bethani E.
The relationship between the Renaissance and the Age of Exploration
primary source and secondary
Christopher Columbus - Amelia
Christopher Columbus-Isabel F.
Johann Gutenberg
Printing press- - Dylan
Gutenburg Bible- Dylan