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Primary Source
letter of Christopher Columbus
This link has a map and a letter written by Christopher Columbus.

Nadia: Christopher Columbus journal

God, Gold, and Glory

Ayana: secondary

Emily B:
Were the crusades primarily influenced by economic considerations?
This is about how economics played a role during the crusades.

1699 voyage
A document from 1699 the near the end of the time period but it show why they where going to New Holland and what they where there for.

Extracts from Christopher Columbus's Journal
Very long and lenghty but does inculde about him in the Atlantic sea and him with the Native Americans.

Secondary Source
A nice pdf created by s.s. teacher
I believe this would contribute a great amount because, it has in a big bubble why the spices were important to Europe and, is organized in a very nice way so people can read it.

What Motivated Explorers
This is a long explanation on Gold God and Glory which motivated the explores.

slideshow about why they want the spices
I think this website has some good info and can be used to contribute, because of the way it is organized making it easier for you to understand.

Reasons for exploration
why exactly they wanted to explore.

Why they explored
It shows the different reasons people set sail in the Age of Exploration.

Hailey: Secondary
Background motivation: Economic and Political Motives.

Hailey: Secondary
Gold and Salt trade (Trans-Saharran Trade)

Hailey: Primary
Exploration and Explore.

Alondra: This a Secondary Source
In this website you will find God,Gold,and Glory.
Timeline event
Alondra: This is a Primary Source
In this link you will find description and actual pictures.

secondary source
this is a secondary source this is a prezi with info about the Economics during the age of exploration

Nadia: Age of exploration voyages
exploring the world from different times and about different parts of the